Mayor Commits Suicide After Online Images Reveal Him Dressed In Women’s Clothing


Mayor F.L. Bubba Copeland, of East Alabama, is dead after chaos ensued from posted online pictures.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office noted that they got information in relation to the Smiths Station mayor possibly needing a welfare check. Deputies discovered Copeland in the Beulah community vicinity where a slow pursuit started.

Authorities say that eventually, Copeland pulled over. When he got out of his vehicle, he took out a firearm and utilized it to fatally shoot himself.

Prior to this incident, an article was published depicting multiple pictures of Copeland wearing women’s attire. All the quotes in the article came from Copeland, whose is also a reverend, reports state.

The article also had images of the pastor, of First Baptist Church of Phenic City, with women’s underwear on that he had posted on Instagram and Reddit.

Now, the death investigation is continuing.


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