Mayor Outraged After Recording Reveals Concerning Arrest Of Handcuffed Man


Mayor Quordiniah Lockley, of McComb, Mississippi, is outraged about a video circulating online. It reveals the rough apprehension of a handcuffed Black man by a state trooper.

Lockley stated that he has looked at the video of the incident that occurred last week multiple times. He has requested that a state representative look into the matter. It occurred with Eugene Lewis and an unidentified Mississippi Highway Patrol Officer.

“I know that many of you like myself, have viewed the video. I am alarmed as well as disturbed over it. I ask that you allow the investigation to be completed but at the same time let your voice be heard” the mayor said.

Authorities with the Mississippi Highway Patrol stated that they have received information regarding the incident and are conducting an investigation.

In the video, the unnamed trooper is observed grabbing Lewis who was handcuffed. He pulled him by his neck and forced him to the ground on the side of the road. At some point, the officer moves Lewis further into the grass, keeping him down with his knee as seen on the recording that was posted by Lewis’s brother, Packer Lewis.

“That’s how George Floyd got killed! That’s how George Floyd died,” someone off camera is heard yelling.

It isn’t known why Lewis was being detained or what happened before the recording. However, witnesses could be heard, claiming that the officer had “jumped on” and beat Lewis in the backseat of a vehicle.

The video depicts the officer telling bystanders to move back and points his gun at them as he was still on Lewis. After another officer arrived to the scene, one of the witnesses was apprehended.

Since the recording has circulated the internet, many have called for police accountability, sparking memories of George Floyd’s death.


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