McKinney Woman Beats COVID-19 And Flu A Month Before Her 105th Birthday


North Texas woman, Dorothy Swan, is getting ready to celebrate her 105th birthday after beating COVID-19 and the flu, and judging by her photos, she loves her family and living in the fast lane.
Each year, on her birthday she takes a motorcycle ride with her son.
Her daughter, Diana Roberts stated that after past get-togethers and no one getting sick “We didn’t think any different for Christmas, so we all got together at Christmas and that’s when we all got, somewhere there was COVID, and we ended up with 10 of us with covid. She loves being with her family which is why we properly shouldn’t have got together on Christmas, but we did.”
Seventy-eight-year-old Diana and her four siblings all caught COVID-19, as well as their one hundred and four-year-old mother, who had been taken to Medical City Mckinney on New year’s Day. “They did tests for heart and stroke stuff but it did turn out to be Covid and the strains of flu.”
Diana’s mother, Dorthy Swan was placed on supplemental Oxygen and was told that “it could go either way during the night” by the medical staff on the first night.
Diana was more than happy to report that “We thought of it because of her age, of course, and that’s why we were completely surprised and happy when they said she’s doing great.”
It was also posted by the hospital on Facebook- “We are happy to see 104-year-old Dorothy Swan go home last week following treatment for COVID-19, Influenza A and Influenza B.” Dorothy was discharged five days later and is resting at home. “She’s just a fighter, always has been.”
Dorothy’s Birthday is next month, but they will be forgoing the usual party and annual mother-son bike ride, “I think that’s probably going to have to stop now but we have a whole lot of years of pictures,” as stated by Diana.
It was also stated by Diana, that she and the nine other family members who caught COVID-19, all had mild to moderate symptoms, and that they all recovered.

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