Mexican Cartels Target Americans In Timeshare Fraud Scams, FBI Says

PhotoCredit: Elizabeth Ruiz/AFP via Getty Images

There has been a warning by the FBI about the rise in scams aimed at timeshare owners, and a great part of those scams are being done by Mexican drug cartels.

These scams involve criminals targeting part-time property owners, mostly older Americans, and getting them to give up large sums of money under false pretenses connected to their timeshare properties.

Scammers will normally have done a large amount of research on possible victims, making fake documents and acting as if they are people from credible institutions to sell their storyline and frighten victims to buy.

They do so by using high-pressure sales methods and cyber-based fraud methods to persuade victims that it is real.

“These scams have devastating consequences for victims’ financial futures, relationships, and physical emotional health,” stated Assistant Special Agent in Charge Paul Roberts.

The money is going to support the cartel’s violent activity in Mexico. This method is done by the cartels because it is usually cheaper, has fewer steps, less work and oversight problems when compared to other ways to get money, like drugs and weapons trafficking.

The scammers often go along with the schemes due to the fear of being the cartel’s next victim.

Although several Mexican drug cartels have taken part in timeshare fraud schemes, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel has played a major role “based on complaint reporting and financial tracing,” the FBI noted.

An investigation continues to conducted by the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control.

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