Michael Myers Accused Of Being Homophobic After Killing Same-Sex Couple In New Movie


The internet is buzzing over the psychopathic serial killer, Michael Myers, because of his seemingly opposition to gay people.

In the new film, “Halloween Kills,” it looks to some people that the masked crazy man is homophobic because he kills a same-sex couple.

One person tweeted, “Halloween Kills was good, but why did Michael have to kill the one gay couple. Michael Myers is homophobic confirmed.”

The movie displays a gay couple who reside in the home that Myers lived in as a child. He intrudes into the home, kills both of them, and places their bodies beside each other.

Many people were happy a gay couple was shown in the movie. However, in the movie it is shown that anyone can die by MM except babies and young children.

He has murdered men, women, Black and gay people. He even killed first responders, which is causing more controversy now.


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