Middle School Student Arrested After Bringing Fentanyl Pills To School, Causing Employee To Overdose


A middle school student in California was arrested last week after bringing fentanyl pills to school and causing a school employee to overdose.

On Friday officers responded to a call at Chipman Junior High School regarding a 13 year old in possession of fentanyl pills.

While in route to the school they received another call regarding an employee being passed out from a possible overdose after coming in contact with the pills.

When they arrived they administered Narcan, a medication used to treat opioid overdoses, to the school employee who was then transported to an area hospital.

According to reports the student had gotten into a fight with another student earlier that morning and the employee discovered the pills then.

Officers conducted a search on the student and found about 150 pills, which were disguised as Percocet painkiller pills. They also found $300 cash on the student. Authorities are unsure if any of the pills were sold or given to other students.

The student was arrested on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance for sales purposes and taken to a juvenile facility.



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