Miniature Horse Discovered Dead With Arrow Stuck In Her Chest


After a miniature horse was discovered deceased with an arrow stuck in her body, the owners are looking for answers.

On Wednesday, a neighbor of Wood Weller found the 21-year-old miniature horse, Penny.

Weller resides part time in Illinois and part time in Lone Rock, Wisconsin, where Penny resided.

After his neighbor discovered the dead horse and contacted him, Weller says that he traveled to Wisconsin on Thursday night and went to look at Penny’s body on Friday morning.

When Weller was close to the nearly decayed body, he saw a long, blue, sharp arrow stuck in her chest. The neighbor said he hadn’t seen the arrow at first.

The Sauk County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating and attempting to locate Penny’s killer.

Weller states that authorities told him that officers think that the incident wasn’t because of an hunting accident because of the position of the arrow.

Now, a $1,000 reward is being offered for details that leads to an arrest.

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