Missing 15-Year-Old Boy Found Safe, Releases Track Dissing His Grandmother Who Reported Him Missing


The Columbus Police Department, in Georgia, issued a missing persons announcement for 15-year-old Tyrone Giles last week. He had last been seen close to Oakland Park.

The information prompted worry throughout the community. However, now Tyrone has been found safe. But, his return has taken some unexpected twists. This comes after he released a diss track geared towards his grandmother who had reported him missing.

“I just been chillin’, livin’ like this hoe cappin’ Or not missin. Let you know this hoe crazy, on God. This lil’ hoe trippin’. Talk my dad on me, said I ain’t missin’. I’m just standin’ on bendin’. You talkin’ bout you gon’ to get me? Nah, lil’ hoe, you just trippin’. Don’t forget on your grandson, don’t make me come through with them switches. On God, hoe why you done lied to the whole net? Talkin’ bout on me, said I ain’t missin’. I’m just livin’ my best. Don’t wanna come back home to granny. She know what up next. She keep on talkin’, I send shots straight through her chest. F***granny, I’ma keep on this fuck granny, I’ma keep on this f***granny.

Many have expressed their backlash, regarding the explicit language and violet imagery in the track. They have questioned the young rapper’s mental state and his reasons for creating such a song.

One of Giles’ aunts did comment on the matter. She stated that her mother had been raising her nephew since he was little. However, after the grandmother had a stroke, Giles began to get out of control. She added that Giles ran away after Easter because girls weren’t allowed to sleepover.

Authorities at the Columbus Police Department have not discussed any details about the diss track.

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