Missing 2-Year-Old Found Sleeping On Family Dog, 3 Miles From Home

Courtesy: Brooke Chase

On Wednesday, at close to 8 p.m., a 2-year-old went missing from Faithorn, Michigan.

A search was done for the toddler who had wandered away from the residence. About four hours later, the 2-year-old was located in the woods, sleeping. She had been using the family’s pets as pillows.

Drones and police dogs were called in to assist in the search. This helped in finding the child who had been three miles away from home.

“She had laid down and had used one of the dogs as a pillow. The other dog laid down right next to her and kept her safe,” stated one officer. “It’s really a remarkable story.”

It seems as though the dogs had followed the toddler out of the home and had stayed with her the whole time.

The girl and the dogs had been found by a citizen who was on an ATV and had been searching the woods.

The girl was medically examined and is said to be in good health.


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