Missing 2 Year Old Taylen Mosley, Found Deceased Inside Alligator’s Mouth


A missing Florida toddler was found deceased inside an alligators mouth a day after his mother was found brutally murdered inside her apartment.

According to reports, on March 29, around 8:30 pm neighbors heard commotion in 20 year old Pashun Jeffrey and her 2 year old son Taylen Mosley’s apartment. Later that night Thomas Mosley showed up to his mothers home with several cuts and scratches.

Around 2:30 pm on March 30 family members of Jeffrey asked authorities to perform a welfare check at her place on the 11600 block of 4th Street North.

When police arrived they found a large amount of blood on the side of Jeffrey’s car and then found her deceased body in the apartment.

On March 31, while officers searched Dell Holmes Park they spotted an alligator with an object in its mouth. Officers then fired a round at the alligator causing it to drop the object.

Once the area was secure authorities confirmed the object to be the missing body of 2 year old Taylen Mosley.

Thomas was arrested later that day Friday and charged with two counts of first degree murder.


  1. So sad rest in heaven mother n son.this a cold World we’re living respect for others ppl life.

    1. Don’t be stupid, this world isn’t cold, it’s us dam knee grows doing all the killing. It won’t stop till WE stop it and face it head on. It’s not the world it’s not white people it’s not somebody else, it’s US!

  2. Rest In Peace to the mother and her son, it’s sad but yall are together. I’ll never understand why people are just quick to kill instead of just walking away especially when it somebody you love and are suppose to love unconditional. I wish man could just be smart and think before they decide to take a human life and especially one they help create. I hate that our taxpayers money is going to be wasted on this because this was a senseless act. Throw his a

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