Missing 8 Year Old Boy From Washington State Found Safe 8 Months Later In Missouri


On Tuesday, it was announced that a boy, who had gone missing from Washington State since the middle of June, was found unharmed in Missouri.

Breadson John, 8, had disappeared by June 17, when a welfare check at his residence in Vancouver, Washington, right across the state line from Oregon, found that he was missing.

In December, when investigators contacted relatives, they didn’t give any details about the child’s whereabouts.

On Friday, Breadson was discovered safely with the assistance of sheriff’s deputies in Jasper County, Missouri. It isn’t known how he got there or what he had been doing there since June.

Breadson, who also uses the name Brxsan, is originally from Hawaii and speaks English and Chuukese, a native tongue to the Federated States of Micronesia.

Almost a month ago, the FBI put out a new missing poster for Breadson.

Images of him on the poster now contain the word “Recovered.”

Vancouver authorities said that John’s grandparents were the last people known to be his guardians. Last month, the grandparents were charged with custodial interference and were identified in the child’s disappearance.



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