Missing Bryan Man Discovered Deceased in Lancaster


Wesley Robinson, 36, has not been seen or heard from since Sunday, May 30.

On Monday, law enforcement officials disclosed that Robinson, from Bryan, Texas, was found in the Lancaster area, outside of Dallas.

Wesley’s mother, Betty Robinson, recalled that her son came to Dallas for a moving job. Then, he called her and said, “If I go missing, here’s the person you need to know.” He gave his mother the name, and she gave it to authorities.

Wesley’s cell phone showed his last location on Reynolds Street in Lancaster. Police stated in June that there was no sign that he was in harm’s way.

His mother did not agree because he was supposed to be in Plano, so his phone should not have pinged in Lancaster.

The Lancaster Police Department has requested that anyone with information about the disappearance or death of Wesley to call (972)218-3711.



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