Missing Mother And Daughter Discovered Dead In Vehicle, Submerged In Lake


On Thursday, 25-year-old Khaliah Brister and her 7-year-old daughter Tyrielle Jefferson were discovered in a car that had been submerged in Northridge Lake. This was close to the northwest side of Milwaukee.

Brister’s family had reported the mother and daughter missing the day prior to the discovery.

The young girl’s paternal grandmother, Kenta Boose, stated that Brister had experienced mental health problems for years.

Relatives had previously called authorities numerous times when Brister had warned that she would drive herself and her daughter into Lake Michigan. They never heard anything back from any law enforcement agency.

Tyrielle’s uncle expressed his dismay that no alert was issued to find them.

“Y’all don’t even issue out an alert. It’s like dude. It wasn’t handled the right way,” Donnell Boose said.

The sheriff’s office is now looking into why an alert never went out.



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