Missing Phoenix Girl Found 24 Years Later


The identity of a young woman has been traced back to a Phoenix girl who went missing in 1994 at just 9-months-old.

Over 24 years ago, Aleacia Stancil was reported missing after her mother left her under the care of a friend and never got her back.

The mother, Toni Stancil, ended up in jail after handing off her 9-month-old baby to some friends. Due to this incident, it wasn’t until several months later that a missing child report was documented with the police.

By that time, Aleacia had already been given to authorities and was under the care of Child Protective Services. However, the information was never connected and her identity was never known.

Toni was found murdered a few months later in an unrelated incident.

In 2014, a young woman arrived at a Connecticut hospital and was unable to provide nurses with information about herself. Finding it odd, they searched the missing children database and came across a time-lapse photo resembling the woman.

Authorities were contacted and her DNA was collected for testing. After 3 years, a positive match came back for the woman and the missing 9-month-old baby from Phoenix.

She has since been adopted and goes by a different name.

Following the news, the missing girl reunited with her grandmother for a visit where they shared stories and got to know one another.

At this time, the young woman wishes to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible.



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