Mom Returns Home With Two Daughters To Find Townhome Completely Empty


A Kansas City mother is upset after her townhome was completely cleaned out by maintenance workers because of a clerical mistake.

According to reports My’Rohn Guthrie and her two daughters were away and when they returned to their home at the Gateway Plaza Townhomes, in unit 1331, there was absolutely nothing inside.

The incident took place last weekend.

When Guthrie spoke with the property manager they told her to make a police report because they believed she had been robbed.
Once she told them there was no sign of forced entry, management took a look at their books and realized they had made a terrible mistake.

The building workers mixed up the units by one number and Guthrie has now lost about $32,000 worth of property.

Guthrie says not only is it the managements fault, but they haven’t even checked on her to see if her and her kids had a place to stay, food to eat or clothes on their back.
She says the maintenance crew got rid of everything from furniture, toys, food, clothes and a lot of priceless memories that can not be replaced.

They even threw away important information such as birth certificates and social security cards.

Guthrie has since made a GoFundMe account to help try and replace the lost items.
Her and her two daughters are currently staying with a friend.


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