Mom Sentenced For Killing 11-Month-Old Daughter


28-year-old Tyra Anderson, of Washington, D.C., pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter after her 11-month-old daughter died.

Officers arrived at a hospital on February 6, 2020. Anderson had transported her daughter, Makenzie, there with many severe injuries.

Anderson stated to police that her child had fallen off the bed a few days prior. Then she wasn’t acting normally the next day. By February 5, the child was struggling to breathe. The next day, Makenzie was unconscious and her skin was cold, she told police.

Anderson said that she hadn’t contacted authorities out of fear.

Prosecutors in the case said that Makenzie’s remains were cleaned before an autopsy could be performed. They noted that towels with brown-colored stains were seen in the hospital. Workers stated that it looked similar to makeup or some other beauty product.

After a search, authorities found cosmetics in a hotel room where Anderson had been residing.

Ultimately, the autopsy noted that the baby suffered many injuries on her face, head, skull, and other areas. Blunt force trauma to the head was ruled to be the cause of her death.

Anderson received a 10-year sentence with 7 years suspended as long as she gets mental help.


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