Mom Suspected Of Hosting Drinking Parties Where Teens Were Sexually Assaulted


Shannon Marie O’Connor, a 47 year-old from Eagle, Idaho, held parties for young teenagers where sexual acts were encouraged. This included sexual assaults.

Authorities say that O’Connor brought vodka and condoms, and instructed the teens not to tell their parents about the festivities.

According to records, she was apprehended on Saturday. O’Connor faces charges of felony child abuse, sexual assault, and giving alcohol to underage kids. She is still in custody at this time.

The parties are said to have happened between last fall until March of this year. Many of the kids that took part were friends of her teenage sons.

At one party, authorities say that she gave a teenager a condom and forced him into the room with another teen who was inebriated. In another incident, at her home with 14 year-olds, she sat back and observed as a drunken teen sexually assaulted a girl in bed.



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