Mother Accused Of Fatally Stabbing 11 Year Old Son


An arrest warrant has been issued for 49-year-old Mary Johnson for first-degree murder. This is for fatally stabbing her 11-year-old son, Bruce Jr., on July 10, 2022, in a residence in Hobbs, New Mexico.

Close to 1 a.m., Bruce Sr. contacted authorities. He disclosed that his wife and son had been stabbed. Mr. Johnson told authorities that he had been sleeping when he heard his son yelling. He then discovered his son in a room and was suffering from injuries due to being stabbed. He called the police when he found that Mary had been stabbed, as well. She was located in another room and wasn’t responsive.

The mother and son were both taken to a hospital, in Lubbock, Texas. Mary had a self-inflicted injury to her chest and was in critical condition. Bruce Jr. was conscious when he arrived at the hospital. He told police that his mother had stabbed him. Bruce Jr. died from his wounds at 4:19 a.m. His body was sent for an autopsy and showed that he had been stabbed several times.

Documents show that Bruce Sr. had moved to Hobbs with Bruce Jr. from Oklahoma. He hadn’t taken Mary with him because of claims that she was abusing their son. Bruce Sr. had been planning to divorce Mary as she was often abusive to him, too.

It was shown that Mary hadn’t seen her son in a little over a month and had continuously requested to see him. She then came to stay with them, in Hobbs, prior to the divorce being set into motion.

Two incidents of abuse had been reported while the family resided in Oklahoma. Nothing was noted in New Mexico.

Some of Mary Johnson’s Facebook posts have raised speculation about her and a mental illness.

One post read, “My son and I discovered that he can hear every f— thing I’m thinking. I don’t like this God…This is why I don’t want kids. They don’t give me me freedom!”



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