Mother Charged With Killing Her Three Small Children And Premeditating The Murders


On Tuesday, prosecutors stated that Lindsay Clancy, of Duxbury, Mass., premeditated the murders of her three children. They also said that she was in her right mind at the time of their killings. Clancy is currently hospitalized, and her lawyers stated that she is paralyzed from the waist down.

From her hospital bed, Clancy was arraigned by video conference as her lawyer and the prosecutor were in court for a hearing.

The 32-year-old is said to have killed her three small children last month at their residence. Her attorney says that she is paralyzed after trying to take her own life that night.

Prosecutors noted that Clancy had requested that her husband go get medicine from CVS and pick up food from a restaurant. Supposedly, she looked up how long the trip should take so that she would know how long he would be gone.

Clancy’s husband stated that when he arrived home, he saw that his bedroom door was locked. He said that he couldn’t unlock it and found blood next to a mirror, close to an open window. He then observed his wife in the backyard, responsive, but she was seriously hurt. When he asked his wife what she had done, she answered, “I tried to kill myself.”

After questioning his wife, he then discovered his children in the basement of the home. They had been strangled with exercising bands.

Clancy’s lawyer says that she was too medicated prior to the tragedy as she was prescribed up to 12 different medications for postpartum psychosis. Her husband, Patrick, had never been instructed not to leave her alone with the children.

For now, a judge has ordered that Clancy remain hospitalized until cleared by medical staffers to move to a new rehabilitation center for 24-7 care. If she heals from her injuries, she may be put on house arrest.

From December to January, Clancy had gotten treatment after experiencing suicidal thoughts. She is said to have made journal entries in the months leading up to the children’s deaths. In it, she briefly discussed having postpartum “anxiety” about going back to work and was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder.

On a hospital white board, Clancy asked if she needed a lawyer. Prosecutors said that it proved that she knew what she was doing.

On a GoFundMe page, Patrick wrote, “The shock and pain is excruciating and relentless. I’m constantly reminded of them, and with the little sleep I get, I dream about them on repeat.”


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