Mother of 2 Launches Successful Trucking Business After Being Rejected and Discriminated Against


A 36-year-old mother of 2 makes $144,000 a year from the successful trucking business she started 4 years ago.

Clarissa Rankin from Charlotte, North Carolina found her pride in driving 18-wheelers. When she first entered the field she faced rejection and discrimination by companies who said she wasn’t cut out for the job.

When she was finally given the opportunity to hit the road and offered a position with a trucking company, she was offered an unrealistic salary of $50,000.

Wanting to change the course of the trucking industry and pursue what she loves doing, Clarissa started up her own business, JC Rankins Transport.

Her trucking business has now been loading and delivering goods across the east coast for 4 years.

While Clarissa is on the road, her husband, a videographer, stays home with their two boys.

In addition to the profit from her trucking business, she also makes a profit from her social media. Being an influencer and having over 2 million followers on TikTok, Clarissa made an additional $36,000 last year.



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