Mother Of Four Dies In The Dominican Republic Following Cosmetic Surgery


In the early part of December, a mother of four died after having cosmetic surgery in the Dominican Republic. Her family is now pressing for a full investigation into what exactly happened.

The Chicago mother, ex-nurse, and businesswoman who owned a boutique,  Sucretta Tolliver, has been named as the woman who died.

Mariah Price, Tolliver’s daughter, stated that her mother went to the Dominican Republic for cosmetic surgery that took place on December 12. Two days later, her mother passed away at a recovery residence.

“I got on the phone with her that night before she passed away. She just sounded like she was in so much pain and said she wouldn’t wish this on nobody, and it hurts so bad,” the daughter said.

“Her official death certificate does say internal bleeding. They did their report in the Dominican, but when she gets back home, we’re going to do our own reports, and then we’ll sort it out,” her uncle said.

The Tolliver family is now asking for the FBI and State Department to investigate the death and the physician who performed the operation.

The family added that they have hired a lawyer and have teamed up with the U.S. Embassy to help bring the mother’s body home.

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