Mother of John Hurley Files Lawsuit Against Arvada Police Department


A lawsuit was filed after police fatally shot a good Samaritan who was mistaken as the suspect.

Kathleen Boleyn, filed complaints against the Arvada Police Department for the June 2021 shooting of her son, Johnny Hurley.

Hurley was in a shopping center when he heard multiple gunshots coming from nearby. Hurley grabbed his concealed handgun from his waistband and went to investigate.

The gunshots that Hurley heard were from Ronald Troyke who had just shot and killed officer Gordon Beesley with an AR-15.

Hurley shot Troyke five times, killing him, and grabbed his weapon from him to disarm him. Once he had the AR-15 in his hands, he immediately removed the magazine clip from it.

Officer Brownlow and two other officers heard gunshots and spotted Troyke from inside a nearby police substation. Once at the scene, Officer Brownlow saw Hurley holding up the AR-15 in his hands and shot and killed him. The good Samaritan’s actual gun was safely in its holder at the time he was shot.

None of the officers from the substation knew that Officer Beesley was just shot and killed. They also had no idea that Hurley intervened, with good intentions.

The federal lawsuit filed by Hurley’s mother is specifically against the department’s chief, Link Strait, and the former officer, Kraig Brownlow.

Following the incident, Brownlow resigned from the Arvada Police Department on good terms.

The district attorney’s office cleared Brownlow from any wrongdoing and justified his actions, noting that it appeared like Hurley was reloading the rifle.

The mother, Kathleen Boleyn, is suing for excessive force and battery causing wrongful death. The amount of money she’s seeking in compensation hasn’t been announced.


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