Mother Sentenced To 71/2 Years In Prison After Throwing Newborn Daughter Out Of Window


A woman was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison after she threw her newborn baby outside of a window.

28 year old Katarina Jovanovic, an attorney for Porsche in Germany, secretly gave birth to her baby in September of 2023. Moments after giving birth she threw her baby from a window, at least 4 meters from the ground, into the road where she suffered a shattered skull.

According to reports Jovanovic believed that if she had the baby it would ruin her career at Porsche. Her defense attorney then claimed that she was in an emotional state and that she accidentally dropped her baby after giving birth alone at home. The even claimed that the woman didn’t know she was pregnant.

After hearing both sides the judge agreed to a lesser sentence and charged her with manslaughter. Jovanovic’s attorney plans to appeal her verdict.

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