Mother Wants Answers After Learning Her Missing Son Was Killed And Buried By Police

Courtesy: Ashleigh Coleman for NBC News

A Mississippi mother is wanting answers after her son was killed by an off duty officer and then buried in a paupers field.

According to  NBC a mother is demanding answers after finding out about her son, 37 year old Dexter Wade, death months after he was killed.

Bettersten Wade, Dexter’s mother, says she last saw her son on March 5, 2023 when he left her house with a friend.  After not hearing from her son for several days Bettersten called Jackson, Mississippi police on March 14 and reported him missing.

Bettersten said she spoke with authorities, sent them pictures and demanded that they post her sons pictures on tv. For months, she kept in contact with authorities but each time they told her there were no new leads and that her son was still missing.

Finally after months of searching and getting no answers Bettersten learned that her son was killed on March 5, just an hour after leaving her home.

Apparently an off duty officer, driving a patrol vehicle, struck Dexter as he was attempting to cross Interstate 55.

It was said that authorities knew who Dexter and Bettersten were but failed to notify her about the incident.

Hinds County Coroner’s Office investigator, LaGrand Elliott, reportedly found a prescription bottle in Dexter’s pocket and was able to verify his identity through fingerprints.

On March 9 Elliott notified Jackson PD regarding Dexter’s death but Jackson PD never contacted Bettersten. Instead Dexter’s body sat in the county morgue for months unclaimed.

Dexter’s body was eventually taken to the Hinds County penal farm and buried in grave 672.

In October Bettersten was notified about her sons whereabouts and had to pay $250 to claim her sons body.

Dexter’s death was eventually ruled accidental and the officer faced no criminal charges.

Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump is now representing the Wade family.


  1. Bring JUSTICE this time Crump, not just a settlement. Another mother has to lay her child to rest, as she will never truly get rest!

  2. I can only imagine what this mother is feeling abd it can’t be good, I mean they must have had something to hide SMH or why else Would they not contact her and I can’t imagine wgom else this has been done to

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