Neighbor Won’t Be Charged For Shooting At Instacart Delivery Driver’s Vehicle


43-year-old Antonio Caccavale won’t be charged for shooting at a vehicle being used to deliver groceries because authorities say that his actions were lawful. The car had pulled up to the incorrect address, in Davie, Florida.

At the same time, the Instacart driver won’t face any charges either as he believed he was in danger after his car hit a boulder and Caccavale’s foot. Since no surveillance footage captured the incident, authorities could only go by the stories of each side.

Reports indicate that Waldes Thomas Jr., the driver, was trying to make a grocery delivery on April 15. He had been on the phone with the customer’s spouse to help navigate him to the correct home when the shooting occurred.

When Thomas arrived to Caccavale’s property, which was next door to where he was trying to go, Caccavale’s son exited the home and told him to leave. All of the events after that aren’t clear, but Thomas said that Caccavale then came out angry, leading him to quickly leave. However, Thomas said that Caccavale pulled his door handle in the process of him driving off.

Documents note that Caccavale’s foot was hit by the car, and he said that he had shot at the car three times to prevent himself from being hurt further. He added that he aimed his firearm toward the tires so that the car would be inoperable.

A few blocks away, authorities found Thomas with bullet holes in his car and a flat tire.

Now, Instacart has stated that they have contacted Thomas and will cooperate with any other further investigation.


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