Netflix House Is Set To Open Entertainment Space At Galleria Dallas


In fall 2025, Netflix House will be set to open at Galleria Dallas, the Dallas International District announced.

Netflix House will provide special and memorable entertainment activities that will include Netflix stories and characters, all year long. The immersive activities, retail choices, and themed food and drinks that are inspired by well-known Netflix series and films, will also be available.

The City’s Office of Economic Development partnered up with the Galleria and Netflix House to plan across several City departments and manage the permitting process.

“The arrival of Netflix House in the Dallas International District will enable Dallas residents and their families to enjoy shopping, dining, and entertainment locally, further contributing to the city’s rapid growth,” stated one councilmember.

“The selection of the Dallas International District for the Netflix House is a clear validation of this area as the corner of ‘Main and Main’ in the Dallas region,” the councilmember added.

“The Galleria Dallas is a fixture in Dallas, and now with Netflix House, it will be even more of a tourist destination. We are excited about all the developments in the Dallas International District to showcase the best of Dallas to visitors coming from near and wide,” stated Craig Davis, President and CEO of Visit Dallas.

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