New Information Emerges In Apparent Abduction Of Woman Near Coffee Shop


Authorities are looking for a Texas man after new information about an alleged abduction outside of a coffee shop continues to emerge.

On Friday, the public was notified that 43-year-old Isabel Brown had been abducted through a Kasey Alert.

Several bystanders told authorities in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, that the supposed kidnapping happened in front of the Coffee Jerk coffee shop. This is close to NW 178 and MacArthur Boulevard.

Sherrif’s deputies are now searching for a 23-year-old man from Fort Worth. He is accused of offenses such as, kidnapping, robbery, aggravated assault, and battery.

Documents show that deputies were called out on information that Brown was taken at gunpoint. She was then put into a car by two armed men, who wore ski masks.

After questioning witnesses, deputies also discovered a Tesla still running with the driver-side door open. The witnesses stated that the Tesla was Brown’s.

Detectives who reviewed recordings from a nearby business saw two Black men with long rifles and handguns grab the woman. They then put her into a silver Chevrolet vehicle.

The FBI was summoned to process the Tesla that was believed to belong to Brown.

Four additional images from the Tesla were obtained by FBI technicians. One image revealed a Black man, with green pants, a dark hoodie with a CAT Diesel Power logo, and a beanie hat. He had a long rifle and no mask, documents show.

Detectives eventually found out that Brown was dropped off at May Avenue, close to Interstate 240, when the statewide Kasey Alert had gone out.

Brown told detectives that the man wearing the CAT hoodie attacked her and strangled her until she blacked out. She also said that the man threatened to kill her and put a gun to her multiple times.

Brown added that $250,000 in cash was taken from her car and told deputies that the supposed suspects met another man at a gas station. That is where they split up the money.

Not only that, but Brown stated that the men took $10,000 from her mobile cash payment app and directed it to their accounts. One of them constantly asked her if she wanted to go to Arkansas and if anyone would pay money to keep her alive.

Although she said that the men had “very country accents,” Brown stated that she did not recognize who they were.

Using facial recognition software, detectives were able to identify the 23- year-old man from Fort Worth, Texas.

Brown identified him through a photo lineup. She told detectives that he was the man who assaulted her and threatened to kill her.

Brown was not harmed in the incident.

“At this point, we don’t believe that it was a random kidnapping. We believe the motive may have been robbery, stated a sheriff’s spokesperson.

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