New Policy Restricts Transgender Women From Competing In Women’s Swimming


A new policy issued Sunday could ban transgender women from competing in women’s elite swimming events.

The International Swimming Federation (FINA) has created a new policy to prevent transgender women from competing if they have not transitioned by the age of 12.

FINA believes if anyone goes through male puberty, they have an unfair advantage against women opponents.

The Swimming Federation claims the new policy is non-discriminatory and is solely based on science.

Lia Thomas, a transgender NCAA champion, will be affected by the new policy since Thomas competes in elite women’s competitions. Thomas underwent therapy to stop producing testosterone for two years in order to compete against women.

FINA states they are not condoning people transitioning by age 12. They are preventing unfair advantages against women in competition.

Currently, there aren’t any transgender women competing in the women’s elite swimming level.


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