North Texas 7-Year-Old Girl Sets Junior Olympics National Record


Dakota White, 7-year-old track star, set a new record in the junior Olympics.

Dakota is with the Xpress Track Club in Fort Worth, Texas. Her team ran in the girls 8 and under 100-meter relay at the AAU Junior Olympics. When it came her turn, she ran under 60 seconds which is the national record.

When asked how she do what she does she said “I just run really hard”

Her dad is former TCU wide receiver, Cam White. He started training Dakota when she was only 3-year-old.

“She just had form, like crazy form. It wasn’t fast, but her form was already perfect. So then as she progressed, we started getting her different trainers,” he says.

He said by the time she was 6 years old she was winning all of her races.

“She’s just excelling in a sport that she loves now,” he said.

Her dad says they are hanging up pictures of her idol LSU track star Sha’Carri Richardson in her room.



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