North Texas Father and 12-Year-Old Twin Daughters Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide


A Navarro County father and his two twin-daughters are dead after an apparent murder-suicide following a hostage situation on Thursday.

Navarro County Deputies were dispatched to the Brushie Prairie Community after a woman called in saying her husband, Larry Thompson, who was inside the home with his two 12-year-old daughters, was armed and dangerous.

The wife told authorities that she stayed the night elsewhere after a disagreement with her husband and when she returned the next day, she heard a single gunshot inside and immediately left the area. She then called police and explained the situation.

Deputies arrived at the scene and say Thompson threatened to kill his family and police if anyone tried to take his children away. His mother, who was inside the residence trying to speak reason to her son, also confirmed the threats and situation at hand.

Moments after the Thomason’s mother exited the home, two gunshots could be heard stemming from inside, where the 12-year-old sisters were still at.

SWAT, hostage negotiators, and other tactical teams were at the scene, however, after not being able to make any further contact after the gunshots, a robot was sent in.

That’s when the bodies of the two little girls and the body of Thompson were located.

The investigation remains ongoing.

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