Oak Cliff Community Center Renamed After Founder Of Williams Chicken, Hiawatha Williams


Hiawatha Williams is a leader in the community, and the city of Dallas is now honoring him.

Williams, the founder of the Williams Chicken franchise, now has a community center in Oak Cliff named after him.

This year marks the anniversary of the first Williams Chicken opening on Ledbetter and Sunnyvale Street in Oak Cliff. It sits just a few blocks down from where the community center is that now displays his name.

Williams is a businessman who has invested in the neighborhood for many years. He has also seen the importance in investing in the younger generation.

“The young men in the community need to know that there is no dishonor in work,” he stated.

“This community has always been able to trust this brother in terms of business, fairness, and in the time of need,” said Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price.


  1. Well we appreciate it all Mr. Williams! Hell but now in tha hood yo 2 piece cost $20! What happened? You getting all those donations you gave out over tha years back or sum?


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