Oak Cliff Teacher Goes Viral With ‘Welcome Back’ Music Video


During the summer, Principal Tito Salas, of John F. Peeler Elementary School, used his classrooms and hallways, in Oak Cliff, to make a welcome back music video. The recording has since gone viral.

“It was a crazy thought I had at the end of the school year. I definitely want to create an atmosphere that’s positive. Nothing but positive,” he stated.

Salas wrote his own lyrics for the rap video that focuses on learning and fun.

“I want them to see learning as fun. And I want them to feel that through me as the leader on campus and through their teachers.

As Salas was stationed in the hallway, students walked by him singing and dancing to the lyrics.

“Pirates don’t dribble, dribble, they score. Six times two in the math class, you must pass,” a sixth grader recited.

“I’m hoping they see a fun side, that they see a side of me as a human being. It wasn’t easy to do. I’ve never recorded music in my life before, so I’m showing my vulnerability,” Salas added.

“We’re teaching our kids to be risk-takers. And if that means putting a pirate outfit on, just take that risk and do it. It will pay off,” Salas expressed.


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