Officer Who Caused Breonna Taylor’s Death Is Policing Once Again


Myles Cosgrove, one of the ex- Louisville, Kentucky, police officers who fired shots at Breonna Taylor, is a police officer once again.

Cosgrove is now an officer with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky, the department’s chief deputy noted.

Three officers fired their weapons as a botched raid took place at Taylor’s residence in 2020. This was when a no-knock warrant was served. Cosgrove was one of the officers who fired a shot, and it was later found that his shot caused her death.

Cosgrove began his new employment on April 20 and is currently on active duty as a sheriff’s deputy.

Carroll County Chief Deputy Rob Miller has stated that the department is aware that “there will be opinions on both sides of the equation.” He added that the department looked into the matter that Cosgrove was conducting the warrant as instructed and the fact that his police certification wasn’t revoked.

The choice to hire Cosgrove was because of his experience and technical abilities, the chief deputy said.

In 2021, Cosgrove was terminated for going against department guidelines on the evening that the raid was performed.

In February, a court court agreed with Cosgrove’s firing.


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