Olympian Kim Glass Suffers Facial Fractures After Being Attacked With Metal Pipe


Kim Glass, ex-U.S. Olympic volleyball player, has several fractures in her face after a homeless man attacked her. The incident occurred on Saturday in downtown Los Angeles.

Glass, who earned a silver medal at the Beijing Games in 2008, commented about what happened, on her Instagram Live. She stated that she had just finished eating with a friend. Then, a man on the street through a metal item, thought to be a pipe, at her face.

Glass, 37, says that she had to go to a hospital for stitches at the top of her right eye. She added that she had several fractures above and underneath her eye, but her vision wouldn’t be impacted.

A video taken after the act shows Glass’ eye almost swollen shut and a bloodied-face.

“I got really great stitching from the doctor. I have amazing friends and family around me, supporting me,” she expressed.

The L.A. Police Department said that they answered to a call about an assault at 2:30 p.m., on Saturday. The caller stated that a gun was involved.

Semeon Tesfamariam, 51, was restrained by bystanders until police arrived to the location.

He was apprehended and charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon and given no bail.


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