Omni In A Hellcat Accused By Federal Authorities Of Heading A Massive Digital Piracy Scheme


Famous rapper and Youtube personality Omni in a Hellcat was arrested for his role in a scheme that involved illegally selling copyrighted video content to thousands of subscribers.
Omni in a Hellcat aka Bill Omar Carrasquillo,35 is known for his YouTube channel, in which he downloads his daily routine and host popular games such as Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft.
He also has over 789,000 subscribers.
According to reports the FEDS raided the YouTuber’s home on September 22.
They seized over 30 luxury vehicles, expensive jewelry and an est. $5.2 million dollars from his bank accounts.
Omni is expected to face charges in money laundering, and tax evasion.
He will also be cited for Gears Reloaded IPTV Imminent.
If convicted he could face life in prison.

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