Omni PGA Ranch-Style Resort Opens In Frisco


On Tuesday, the Omni PGA Frisco resort opened.

It is located next to the PGA of America headquarters which is close to two championship golf courses. This had been the largest resort that was being built in the country and been planned and constructed for many years.

The cost of the project was about $520 million, and it is described as a Texas ranch-style facility that spans a mile-long within Collin and Denton counties. It has been identified as one of the top ten resorts in the nation.

The resort contains 500 guests rooms, 10 ranch houses, multiple dining options, pools, and spas. It also features a 127,000 square feet indoor and outdoor meeting area, as well as, an entertainment section.

The price of rooms at the resort start at $340 per night.

Representatives from the resort have noted that the establishment is open to everyone, not just golfers.

People have already begun to make reservations, and the resort is set to have many guests as the Senior PGA tournament starts in three weeks.

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