Over 1,000 Pilots Protest Outside of Dallas Love Field Airport


Over 1,000 pilots gathered outside of Dallas Love Field Airport on Tuesday to protest poor working conditions.

The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association led an informational picket in which pilots stood outside of the airport holding signs.

These signs were an effort to raise awareness about the alleged mistreatment of the pilots. The association says their pilots have been forced to work through staff shortages and are being over-worked. Many pilots have been dealing with stress and fatigue from the overwork.

With good intentions, the union specified that no pilots may call-in sick or miss work to attend the picket. The pilot attendees were all off duty at the time of the protest.

Southwest Airlines said they are currently negotiating contracts with their pilots. They also released a statement regarding the informational picket, “Southwest airlines respects the rights of our employees to express their opinions…”


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