Over 30 Killed As Fire Spreads Throughout Karaoke Bar


On Tuesday, a fire tore through a karaoke bar, in Southern Vietnam, and over 30 people were killed.

The blaze took over the second floor of the facility, keeping customers and staff from escaping.

Several people went onto a balcony to escape the fire which had spread swiftly, as many other people had to jump from the building.

Images of the incident depicts smoke coming out of the bar that was located in the town of Thuan An city. Firefighters were also observed climbing ladders to help put the fire out.

Reports indicate that 8 of the people were discovered dead, in a bar’s restroom, alone.

Initial reports determined that the blaze was from a electrical short circuit.

Overnight, rescue crews searched for survivors in the 30-room bar. Authorities said that the facility’s fire prevention regulations had been checked before the blaze.

On Wednesday, the Vietnamese prime minister ordered more inspections of high-risk buildings, especially karaoke bars.

In August, three firefighters lost their lives after attempting to put out a blaze at another karaoke establishment in Hanoi.


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