Over 30 People Arrested After Operation Targets Gangs In Florida


In Florida, an operation called X- Force aimed at apprehending suspects in gang-related murders in Orange and Osceola  counties.

The sheriff’s office and Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation teamed up to make it happen.

Now, nearly three dozen suspects have been taken into custody or are wanted on racketeering or drug trafficking charges.

The sting took place over nine months. Sheriff John Mina says a rivalry between two gangs has been the cause of 30 shootings and murders in the two counties.

One or those apprehended was Jacquavius Smith, a rapper also known as Glock 9. He is facing 52 felony charges.

Still, he said that they continue to try to investigate four more gang-related murders. This includes 3 year-old Daquane Felix Jr., who was killed in the gangs’ crossfire.

“..we’re not going to stop until they stop committing violence or they’re all in prison,” Sheriff Mina said of the gang members.



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