Over 40 Million T-Mobile Customers’ Personal Information Stolen By Hackers


Tens of millions of people’s personal information has been leaked to hackers.

T-mobile said they have been investigating since this weekend. They say that the breach affects 850,000 prepaid, 7.8 million postpaid, and more than 40 million past or present possible customers.

Furthermore, information that had been taken are names, birthdays, social security numbers, and driver’s licenses.

However, banking information does not seem to have been stolen.

The company has urged postpaid customers to change the pin on their account.

As a safety measure, T-mobile stated that they reset the PINs across the board for prepaid customers.

Metro, Boost, and former Sprint prepaid customers’ PINs or names haven’t been compromised.

An investigation into the incident started when it was reported that hackers were selling personal information of T-mobile customers on the dark web.

T-mobile will provide 2 years of credit monitoring for those in connection to the breach.


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