Owner of NBA Team Suspended For Saying “N-Word” Repeatedly


The owner of the Phoenix Suns has been reprimanded for using the “n-word” repeatedly.

The NBA launched an investigation into Robert Sarver, owner of the Phoenix Suns, after receiving numerous reports of workplace misconduct. Roughly 320 former and current employees of Sarver were interviewed as part of the investigation.

As a result, the league found that he made inappropriate comments about women on multiple occasions and did not provide a gender-equal workplace. In addition, Sarver is also accused of using the “n-word” at least 5 times.

It was determined that Sarver’s behavior violated the NBA’s code of conduct. He was suspended for one full season and ordered to pay a $10 million fine.

As part of the suspension, Sarver isn’t allowed on any NBA or WNBA facility for one year. He’s also not allowed to represent his team in any way or influence any business or basketball decisions.



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