Pageant Contestant Has Sex 5 Hours A Day To Prepare For Competition


As the Miss Bumbum 2022 Pageant is about to take place, Carolina Lekker is preparing.

Lekker has been featured on the cover of Playboy Africa and has begun a new health and fitness program. As a way to get ready for the bootylicious competition, Lekker has been increasing her sex drive in order to stay fit.

“To burn the calories, I started the sex diet. It’s five hours of sex a day, at least four days a week. I want to lose 13 pounds,” Lekker reported.

“We lose a lot of calories having sex. Besides, it’s a normal thing which is good for your health. So, I combined the pleasure with the physical exercise to prepare myself even more for the grand finale,” she added.

The beauty, who is from Barcelona, ensures that she watches what she consumes before she has sex.

“I have avoided soda, excess alcohol, dairy products, and fatty foods. I eat more dark chocolate, bananas, eggs, and honey.”

According to health experts, engaging in too much sex can result in a urinary tract infection, inflammation, swelling, numbness, pain, and strained muscles.

However, Lekker isn’t attempting to sabatoge her chances of winning. Thus, she will take breaks.

“Sunday is almost a holy day. I do nothing. On the other days, I alternate my days off to rest my body,” she added.

On her off days, Lekker gets money by allowing women to use her beauty and big bum to “honeytrap” her partners. She has already made $100,000 catching possible cheaters.

“I contact them on Instagram first and wait for them to respond. I keep making conversation until the conversation gets hotter,” Lekker said.

It’s costs close to $2,000 for Lekker to send a partner a DM to see if they are willing to cheat.

Lekker utilized the funds to pay for cosmetic surgery that totaled about $150,000 in order for her to be in the running for the ‘most expensive body on Instagram.’


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