Parents Concerned After Their 6-Year-Old Daughter Was Told To Change Out Of Dress At School


Parents in Houston, Texas, were very shocked after they say that their 6-year-old daughter was made to change out of her dress while at school.

After the occurrence at Clear Lake City Elementary School, Jonathan Alexander says that is daughter is now self-conscious. Prior to the incident though, his daughter enjoyed wearing dresses to school, and she did so almost daily.

The child’s parents say that a teacher’s aide had spoken to their daughter about the dresses she had on at school. Their daughter still wore the dresses, and a few days following that, the 6-year-old returned back to her residence, wearing a pair of jeans.

After questioning their daughter, she told her parents that the teacher made her put pants on because she had been running and didn’t sit down correctly.

The next day, the teacher sent them a message through an app used to communicate with parents and teachers. Ultimately, the teacher had said that they were attempting to “maintain student dignity.”

The parents have noted that whenever their daughter wears dresses, she always has shorts or leggings underneath.

“I do not believe that any 6-year-old is looking at another 6-year-old like that,” the father stated.

“CCISD is not able to comment on student matters; however, the District will continue to reinforce with staff, paraprofessionals, and substitute teachers what the dress code policy is in Clear Creek ISD,” the district noted in a statement.

The parents say that their daughter just started attending the school this year, and they intend to keep her there.

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