Parents Of Dallas ISD Students May Have To Take Classes When Students Break Rules


When students don’t follow rules in Dallas ISD, their parents may soon face interventions, as well.

An intended modification to the Dallas ISD student code of conduct would allow campus administrators and parents to choose to place misbehaving students in a six-hour “Saturday School” or community service, not alternative school. This would also mean that the parents would have to take part in a three-hour parenting course.

The district has noted that these classes would entail support and guidance for areas where there are issues. Parents would also be able to look over their child’s academic performance and behavioral progress. There would also be resources for mental health support.

The choice to avoid alternative school wouldn’t apply for every disciplinary offense. This is because state law makes it mandatory for some offenses to result in district alternative education programs, like vaping.

Campus administrators will look at whether the courses, instead of DAEP, would be an option on a case-by-case basis.

Some critics of the program believe that any modifications without financial backing wouldn’t get students the assistance that they need.

“We need more counselors, social workers, and psychologists to help implement a policy change like this. Does the district have the budget for these policy changes?” questioned Alliance-AFT President Rena Honea.

A vote on the new code of conduct is set to take place at the end of June.

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