Pastor Suspected Of Touching Child Is Beaten By The Father


Michael Coghill, 33, was apprehended in Oklahoma Thursday when a parent told authorities he busted Coghill touching his child in a sexual manner.

The child had expressed to his parents that Coghill stopped by the bus stop many times and had inappropriate contact with him.

The boy’s father decided to see for himself on Wednesday. He observed Coghill run by the bus stop, turn back around, and then touch the child. The dad then went after Coghill, taking him down to the ground.

Coghill suffered a skull fracture, and his left orbital socket was cracked.

Coghill, who is a pastor, has had his profile taken down on the church website, Lakehoma Church Of Christ. It is said that he lives in the neighborhood where the incident occurred.

Coghill remains in an Oklahoma Detention Center on one complaint of lewd acts to a child.



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