Pennsylvania Police Officer Files For Divorce From Wife After Seeing Pictures Of Her With Another Man During The Capitol Riots


A Pennsylvania detective is currently filling for divorce from his wife after she was seen in several videos taking part in the riots at the US Capitol on Jan 6 with another man – whom she has been in communication with since last November about the protests, according to reports.
Michael Heini, who has been a member of the Shaler Township Police Department for the past 30 years, filed the divorce papers in the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas last month after reportedly asking his wife, Jennifer Marie Heini, not to travel to the US Capitol on Jan.6, however, she did anyway, according to Police Chief Sean Frank.
Jennifer, 55, is facing a long list of charges, which include, violent entry and disorderly conduct while on Capitol grounds, as well as parading and demonstrating or picketing in the Capitol building, according to court documents.
She was identified by the FBI through her association with Kenneth Grayson, who is also seen in the video footage taking Jennifer inside the Rotunda.
Grayson was arrested on Jan 26 in Pennsylvania and is currently facing charges in the connection with the siege of the US. Capitol.
The FBI combed through his social media accounts in which they revealed communications between him and Jennifer which began on Nov. 12, 2020 to Jan. 11, 2021, according to reports.
The details in their discussion were about planning to travel to DC and renting vehicles and booking hotel rooms, according to the FBI.
The Chief of Police said Michael – who is a member of the FBI Pittsburgh office’s Violent Crimes Task Force – informed him after the riots that his wife had been seen on video footage as being present at the US Capitol on Jan 6.
“His wife was a part of that situation,” Frank said. “He didn’t condone it. He didn’t ask her to go there. He wasn’t there. He was here working.”
Frank said the detective was unaware that his wife had gone inside the US Capitol.
“She’s an adult and I don’t think he had any part in her going there,” Frank mentioned.
Jennifer reportedly told investigators that she had traveled to the US Capitol by herself on Jan 5 and returned home the following day, according to court documents.
She also told FBI officials that she had stayed at a “Courtyard” hotel and that was a completely different hotel than where Kenneth Grayson stayed.
She admitted to investigators that she saw Grayson at the Capitol, however she denied entering the Capitol on the day of the riots.


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