Police Chief Pete Arredondo, Of The Uvalde School District, Has Been Fired


On Wednesday, the chief of the Uvalde school district, Pete Arredondo, was terminated. This came after several investigations into the mistakes of law enforcement while the mass shooting occurred at Robb Elementary and much criticism from the community.

19 students and two teachers were killed in one of the worst school shootings in the country’s history. Wednesday was the third-month anniversary of that day.

Recordings depict officers waiting 77 minutes in a school hallway to approach the assailant who was inside an unsecured classroom. Because Arredondo was the chief of the school district, his job was to take over as the incident commander. This was according to active shooter guidelines that he co-wrote.

Later, Arredondo stated that he didn’t believe that he was in charge. After an investigation, the Texas legislators opposed his leadership during that time when 400 officers were on the scene.

On Wednesday, the board voted unanimously to terminate Arredondo without public discussion.

After being on administrative leave and now fired, a lawyer for Arredondo has requested that he be reinstated with back pay.

Arredondo didn’t attend the hearing for fear of acts of violence against him.


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