Police Fatally Shoot A Man That They Believe Shot At Another Man Over The Weekend In Downtown Austin


Officers with the Austin Police Department, in Texas, fatally shot a man on Colorado Street. They said he shot a man downtown late Saturday evening.

Just after 11:30, someone called 911 and stated that they saw a man with a firearm close to 5th and Guadalupe Streets. Officers went to the scene immediately.

“Approximately one min later at 11:34 p.m., a second 911 call came in indicating that multiple gunshots had gone off, and people were running in the 300 block of W. 6th Street-and generally, it was chaos,” said Chief Joseph Chacon.

At 11:36, someone then called 911 and said that somebody had been shot. Authorities located the shooting victim, a man, close to two minutes later, with non-life threatening wounds.

“For approximately the next five minutes, officers continued to blanket the area, looking for the individual involved in the shooting,” Chacon continued.

He said that at 11:43 officers saw a man that was similar to the description of the shooter.

“[They] began to approach and called out,  and then officers observed that he was in possession of a gun. They yelled out to one another and began yelling at the man to drop the gun. The man then began to run. One of the officers jumped out of the utility vehicle and began pursuing on foot while the other two continued to pursue in the utility vehicle,” Chacon said.

“Officers, multiple times, were giving the direction to the individual to drop the weapon. Within seconds of the foot pursuit beginning, shots were fired. There were multiple officers that discharged their duty firearms at the individual, and the individual did go down.”

Officers swiftly began life-saving measures, but the man was later declared deceased at the hospital, Chacon added.

The three officers who fired their weapons have been put on administrative leave. Additionally, their body camera footage will be released within 10 business days.



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