Police In Fort Worth Seize 700 Pounds Of Fireworks


Authorities in Fort Worth say that they seized 700 pounds of fireworks after they discovered a truck and flatbed trailer on a side street, containing several boxes, on Wednesday.

At first, police said that they talked with the owner of the truck and trailer who said they were planning to set off the fireworks at the well-known Como block party. After looking into the matter further, police say that the man was planning to shoot off the fireworks outside Fort Worth City limits.

The fireworks were seized and placed in the Fort Worth Fire Department’s Arson/Bomb Squad Office. Additionally, the owner was given a verbal warning, authorities say.

It is unlawful to have or use fireworks and firecrackers inside Fort Worth City limits.

Those who are found in possession of fireworks in the city of Fort Worth can be fined up to $2,000.

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