Police Investigating After Two People Caught On Video Vandalizing Black Lives Matter Mural


Saturday, July 4 two white people were seen on video covering up a Black Lives Matter Mural in Martinez, Calif with black paint.
As we all know, Artist had been given a permit to create the mural on the street outside the Contra Costa Country Courthouse, but sadly the art was soon vandalized an hour after it was left to dry.
Resident Tatiana Ray, Martines stated that “I think this is an indication of how much power white supremacy actually has. The fact that even having something on the street for one hour, they couldn’t even tolerate that. You know, it was such a threat to have anybody else’s concerns represented by the city and represented by the community.”
The video shows a woman painting over the words and a man beside her shouting towards people that “all lives matter”. Authorities were notified and the pair fled from the scene.
The mural was later fixed to its original glory.



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